How do you get more reviews for your business?

Ask for them!

Computer with several icon templates representing client reviews

Get Reviews Where They Matter to Your Business

Connect to the review platforms you want!

Don’t just ask your clients to “leave a review.” Make it easy for them, too!

By connecting your review sites, your customers can click and choose where to leave a review!


Connect To These Review Sites

  • Google


  • Facebook


  • Yelp


  • OpenTable


  • TripAdvisor




  • Airbnb


  • Agoda


  • Zillow


  • YellowPages


  • Better Business Bureau

    Better Business Bureau

  • Zocdoc


  • RateMDs


  • Healthgrades


  • eBay


  • Amazon


  • App Store

    App Store

  • Google Play

    Google Play

  • Trustpilot


  • Etsy


  • Foursquare


  • Video Testimonials

  • Don't see the site you need listed?

    Use our custom link to add any review site!

Screenshot showing part of the customer experience when they click to leave a review. Specifically, this image shows their choice of the review platforms you have integrated into your account.

You Want More Reviews...

Not more work. Put it on autopilot!

Put technology to work for you! Enter your customer’s name and contact info and our software takes care of the rest. You can even upload a spreadsheet straight from your POS system!

Negative Experience?

Head off bad reviews... before they go public!

As hard as we try, mistakes happen. When a customer has had a negative experience, they want to be heard. Give them the opportunity to leave you private feedback, rather than posting it publicly. 

This gives them a platform to tell you about their experience. And gives you the opportunity to resolve the situation. Before they post it publicly.

The private feedback form, which can be presented to users who indicate they had a negative experience. You can collect their informaiton and feedback in order to resolve the issue that impacted their experience.

Good Reviews Make Great Content!

Share the love on social media!

When you get a good review… share it with the world! (Or at least your followers.) Connect your social media accounts and easily share your reviews on your social media accounts!

Showcase Your Reviews On Your Website!

Build credibility and trust when clients are viewing your site.

Reviews build credibility and trust. Why not start the process while prospective clients are looking at your site?

Our website widget makes it easy for you to display your positive reviews (from multiple sources) right on your website! No coding required. 

Collection of several templates representing positive online business reviews

Get Video Testimonials!

Make it easy for clients to provide video reviews.

Getting video testimonials from your clients can be difficult. Asking people to spontaneously be on camera isn’t always effective. Nor is trying to provide them instructions on how to do it on their own. 

When a client wants to talk about how amazing your business is… make it easy!

Turn on our video testimonials feature and they can easily record and submit a video testimonial right from their device! 


Survey result showing that 77% of people said they're willing to leave an online review when asked.

We make asking easy!

(for you and them!)


of customers read online reviews for local businesses.


the average number of reviews an American consumer reads before trusting a business.


of customers say reviews are an important factor in gauging trust.

5 gold stars representing a 5 star review

Start getting more reviews today!

A mobile phone with arrows respresenting the user experience. They select their overall feeling of the interaction with your business (positive or negative). Customers with positive interactions are directed to leave a review on one of your chosen sites. Customers with negative experiences can be directed to the private feedback form.

How Do You Get More Reviews For Your Business?

Ask For Them!




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Share On Social

Choose a review. Click Share on Social

Screen recording showing how reviews can be shared to social media directly from your dashboard in one click.

Showcase Your Reviews

Choose your style, select your settings, and get your widget code to paste onto your website!

Screenshot of the built-in website widget. This widget makes it easy to add reviews to your website. The widget options include displaying a coursel, feed, video, pop-up, or badge showing your overall review score.