Frequently Asked Questions

Your QR code probably points your customers to a single review site (such as Google or Facebook). Our platform provides a far better experience for both your customers and your business! 

  • Let users select from multiple review sites
  • Head off negative reviews before they go public
  • Reply to reviews from multiple platforms from one dashboard
  • Add our review widget to your website
  • and more!


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Our platform integrates directly with many online review sites. So, there’s a good chance that it is included!

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You can also use the “Custom Review Link” to link to any review site you want!

In most cases, you’ll get your login information within minutes of signing up. Then, you’ll need to login and setup your account. That will take you 10 minutes. Then you’re ready to go!

Absolutely! Frankly, we don’t want you paying for a service you don’t see value in! That’s why we have our 14-day one-question asked money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the service for any reason, you can request a full refund within 14 days. We will ask one question — why? It won’t impact your refund. We will just ask so we can make our product better!

Of course! We want you to be 100% happy with the service. If you’re not getting value from it, you shouldn’t be paying for it! After the 14 day refund window, you can cancel at anytime. Auto-renew will be shutoff and you will have access to the service until your paid period is over. 

Any time. You can easily switch to the yearly plan whenever you want to save money!

The truth is… we don’t know exactly when yet (but we don’t expect it to last long). It could end later today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. But, sign up today and it won’t matter. Because once you get started, you’ll be locked into that pricing for as long as you want it! Take a look at Our Pricing Promise for more information.

You’ll actually be paying The Magic Blue Box, LLC. We’re the company behind We’re a full service marketing company that specializes in helping organizations of all shapes and sizes grow and develop. We offer website design, print design, online campaigns, direct mail, promotional products… all the things you’d expect a marketing company to do to help their clients. (And some you may not expect!) Our newest offering (as we write this, anyway) is our review management platform. We also have a social media management platform, analytics reporting, SMS marketing, QR creation tool, and more. (In other words, this is not our first rodeo!)

As safe as we can make it! Our online checkout is powered by Stripe. No credit card information is ever stored (or even seen) by us! It’s all handled by Stripe.

Here’s what NerdWallet has to say:

Stripe has been audited and certified as a PCI compliance Level 1 service provider, which means it has to undergo an annual compliance report and routine security scans and tests. Stripe encrypts all customers’ credit card numbers and stores decryption information separately, which means Stripe can’t see credit card numbers without taking extra steps. Also, Stripe mandates that all online transactions take place over the more secure HTTPS network.

Any customer data you upload into the platform (such as customer names and their email/phone numbers) is stored in your account on our platform. We don’t use that data (or even look at it) other than to answer your support questions. 

Yes. There are monthly costs as well as a per text fee. This is due to new regulations around business texting. Learn more.

Yes! Contact us to discuss your situation.

We’re building out two plans right now.

The first is for trusted advisors: salespeople, coaches, etc. People who just want to recommend our platform and get paid when their clients sign up.

The second is next level. We want to partner with organizations who want to turn our platform into their own revenue stream. For instance, you’re a Chamber of Commerce, media outlet, business organization, etc. You have a number of business clients. Rather than recommending our platform, we want to whitelabel it and make it YOUR platform! You pay us a usage fee and then sell your new platform to your clients. 

If you are working with businesses that could benefit from our platform, reach out to us. Let’s talk about how we can work together!

Have questions? We’d love to answer them! Just fill out our contact us form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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