Building your business has never been easier!

It's just 1... 2... REVIEWS!

A blank review template showing a 5 star review

Step 1

The Setup

This only has to be done once.
(And will take you less than 10 minutes!)

Connect to the sites you want reviews on. review platform integration screen showing all the built-in review platforms, including: facebook, google, trustpilot, tripadvisor,, airbnb, google play store, apple app store, yelp, agoda, amazon, ebay, yellowpages,, opentable, healthgrades, rate MDs, zocdoc, BBB, foursuare, zillow, etsy, and a custom integration you can configure to any link you choose.

Step 2

Customize it

Set up your review request templates. These are the messages that your clients will see when you ask for a review.

There are separate templates for each communication type.

Customize your review landing page.

This is what your clients will see when they click on the “Leave a Review” link you send them.

Step 3

Ask for them!

Ask clients for reviews via QR Code.
Ask clients for reviews via text messaging.
Ask clients for reviews via WhatsApp.
Ask clients for reviews via email.

Choose how you will ask the client for a review.

Enter the client’s name and contact info.
(or upload a spreadsheet)

Click “Request a review.”
(It’s that easy!)

That's it!

Sit back & watch the reviews roll in!