Get reviews on the sites that matter most to your business!

Choose the platforms on which you want reviews. These are the options your customers will see. They can pick the one that they want! With one click, they’ll be right on the “leave a review” page!

Screenshot showing part of the customer experience when they click to leave a review. Specifically, this image shows their choice of the review platforms you have integrated into your account.

The most common review sites are built-in!

Click on the sites where you’d like more reviews and authenticate your account. That’s it! You’re ready to start getting more reviews!

Custom Review Link

Want reviews on a site that isn’t listed? No problem! Use the custom review link to send your clients to any site you want!

Screenshot showing the custom integration screen. This can be used to direct clients to speciality review sites that are important to your business but not yet built into
Computer with a video window and review icons representing using's video testimonial feature to get video testimonials from your customers.

Video Testimonials

Turn on the video testimonial link to allow users to record a video testimonial right from their device! The video will be uploaded directly to you for use on social media and your website!