Sick and tired of rising software costs?

We sure are. That's why we're making this promise to you. ​

Our Pricing Promise

We will not raise your price for the package you’re purchasing today for as long as you remain an active customer. The price you agree to is the price you’ll pay for your package for as long as you subscribe.

My price won't go up? Ever?

The price you pay for the package you sign up for today will remain constant for you as long as you are a paying subscriber, even when it increases for new users. The term commonly used is being “grandfathered” in.

When we introduce new features to our platform, we’ll make every effort to include them into your existing package! If we can’t (because they incur additional costs to us, for instance), then we promise to offer you an upgrade path to add them to your existing subscription that is based on your current cost – not the new customer cost. 

In other words, we’re not going to add a snazzy new feature, then force you to upgrade to a brand new (and possibly much more expensive) package to get it!

We continue to roll out new features. The platform has expanded significantly since its launch. The only pricing change came as a result of the new SMS/texting laws around promotional text messages. Since every US-based account now needs their own registered texting campaign to comply with new laws, we had to discontinue “unlimited” texting. And though this requires significant work on our side, we haven’t increased the overall pricing for those clients. We even added in the ability for our clients to add their own SMS gateway to avoid raising the cost they pay to us!

We think you deserve a product that does what it says it does, starts out affordable, and stays affordable.

We’re a business, too. And we know the pain of implementing a new product in our business only to have the cost go up. And up. And up. (Whether the product gets improved or not.) It’s especially frustrating when it’s software or an app that you depend on to run your business! (We’ve all got those.) And, depending on how integral it is to your business, you may be locked into it because it’s too much work to change.

We think that sucks. We want to reward customer loyalty – not punish it. 

When you re-subscribe, you’ll do so under the pricing structure available at that time.

You may be thinking this is a crazy promise for a software company to make. But we think it’s one they all should make. 

This is our way of saying “We appreciate you.”