Using SMS/Texting for FeedbackReview Requests

SMS messaging is a great way to engage with customers! It’s absolutely possible, but does require a little extra work. (For you or us, depending on how you proceed.) 

Configuring Your Account for SMS

We all know texting is a great way to reach your clients. That’s why we built it into our platform! We’ve integrated directly with two of the largest providers of SMS messaging: Twilio and Telnyx. You can elect to configure and connect your own account with one of these providers or have us do it for you!

If you’re a business texting your clients, you need to be aware of new laws which have been designed to battle SMS spam. 

In the past, business text messaging was a bit of a free-for-all. You could sign up with a texting provider, get a shared shortcode number (the type used for things like “text ‘pizza’ to 12345 for deals!) and bombard your customers with marketing messages. Those days are over.

Because text messaging has become such a powerful tool, businesses utilizing text messaging services in the United States must now navigate the landscape of new toll-free/10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) laws.

10DLC, or 10 Digit Long Code, refers to a standard phone number with ten digits, similar to a regular mobile or landline number. Toll-free texting (as you probably guessed) leverages a toll free number (such as an 888 prefix) to do the same. Unlike short codes,  10DLC/toll-free numbers are considered long codes and are subject to specific regulations to curb abuse and spam.

The regulatory framework for these numbers is governed by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and major wireless carriers. The goal is to ensure a secure and reliable environment for text messaging while protecting consumers from unwanted messages. And penalties for violating these new laws are… severe.

In order to send SMS messages to customers (and be compliant with current regulations), businesses must register their 10DLC numbers and campaigns with the appropriate carriers. This process involves providing detailed information about the nature of the messages, intended audience, and expected message volume. The process is streamlined somewhat by the creation of a campaign registry, which allows the information to be submitted to all relevant carriers at once.

Our platform allows you to integrate with the main two SMS provisioners: Telnyx and Twilio. 

You can elect to have us do this for you or create your own account and connect it. 

  • Using our platform to send SMS messages incurs additional costs. These fees vary per carrier,  platform, registration status, and type of number procured. They include:
  • Monthly charge for the number texts are sent from (10DLC/toll-free number)
  • Campaign registration fee (initial setup and annual renewal)
  • Per text fees

Done For You

We can take care of configuring all of this for you! Current costs* for the done-for-you solution are:

  • Setup: $50 initial campaign registration fee
  • Monthly: $10-15 monthly fee (includes number and campaign fee)
  • Per text fee: $.04

*These costs are determined by the text provider and are subject to change at any time. We’ll do our best to keep them up to date (but you know how it goes).

If you’re techy and want to setup your own account (or already have one setup), you can easily connect your account directly. In this case, you will pay any required fees directly to your provider (Twilio/Telnyx). 

Done For You

The reason you’re here is to make it easy to get more reviews. The last thing you want is more work. That’s why we offer the option of having us configure your campaign for you!

If you choose this route, we’ll send you a form requesting the information needed to setup your campaign. We’ll take care of the rest! 

We don’t charge a setup fee for this service — we’ll just bill you for the additional charges as laid out in the additional costs tab above.

Do It Yourself

We totally understand the DIY instinct! The good news is that we’ve made it easy to connect your Twilio/Telnyx account to your AskForThem account. You’ll just need to setup your account at one of those providers, follow their directions to get setup, get your brand registered, and then connect your account using the information they provide. Since you will be paying them directly, there are no additional costs from us involved.

Start Getting More Reviews!